Knife Stands and Displays

Knife Stands and Displays

I make knife stands and displays for guns and knives, both for home use, as well as shopkeeper’s counters at stores and shows. 

Usually these are made from Cedar or Osage Orange, usually live edged, but I’ll use other attractive cuts of wood as they come into the studio.  These are heavy enough not to tip, and designed so that several styles of knives can be attractively displayed in them.

oak one

cedar two


All are felted on the bottoms and I affix a Made In America sticker.  Most shops also like a sticker labeling the type of wood.

If you’re interested in a half-dozen or dozen or more, just let me know your preferred woods or a mix of several styles of wood.  A display stand is also available but putting them right onto your counter displays with knives displayed on them, works fine.  Wholesale they run $8-15 depending on size and wood species, you pay shipping.  Individually they cost $15-25 depending on customization of the order and wood species.  I always have a few in stock in case you’re in a hurry, or it takes a week for me to make up a custom batch and seal them for you.