About the Artist

valerie for Mike

Valerie Hibbard pours her energy into many projects, from her sculpture studio to teaching, her assistance to growing businesses, charity sewing work to support second amendment rights, and a bit of writing as well.  She holds an M.A. in drawing/sculpture, as well as an NAAP certificate, and has worked as a licensed Chaplain.

Her goal is to create works for commercial areas, such as hotels, business lobbies, restaurants, and medical centers.  She prefers to work in large scale, and in recycled materials found as industry cast offs, or sometimes even broken furniture she comes across in her hunting and gathering treks.

She works primarily in exotic woods, but incorporates metals, fused glass from her kiln, and occasionally ceramics.  Her work can be found occasionally around town displayed in local coffee shops and restaurants, until she can partner with someone to represent her.

For more information, email valerie@plainandpractical.com