Making Knife Scales for Knifemakers

Making Knife Scales for Knifemakers


I’ve been making knife scales, or sides, for custom knife makers to use in their handiwork.  These above were cut 1.5″ thick for knifemakers at Resilience Forge, where there’s a program to help vets to learn and employ knifemaking skills for a hobby or a sideline.  Here’s some that went to River’s Edge Cutlery:


all of theirs were cut to 3/8ths and 1/2 inch thicknesses, bookmatched of course, and packaged in sleeves for retail sales.  Today is Saturday the 17th of January, and I’m headed to the studio to rebuild a box I found at the thrift store into a display case for River’s Edge.

I’m charging $3.50 each wholesale (by the order of 10 or more) or up to $7.50 retail, and plan on putting some on Etsy and Ebay soon.  Also looking into specialized equipment that sands to set height, so after I cut them on the bandsaw, they can be processed through that machine and then wiped and sleeved for sale.


That’s 7/8, 5/8 and 1/2 inch thick wood sliced on the table saw, doesn’t make “book matched” real well but does make quick pairs for “hand matched.” David also helped me plane some other pieces for a 7/8ths thick scales order.


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