Rented Warehouse

Rented Warehouse

 The warehouse studio is now set up and I’ve produced the first show from working there–here’s some pics!

cleaned 1

cleaned 2

cleaned 5

cleaned 7

We’ve set up an artist networking group (next meeting August 12, 7 p.m.) and I’m working on lots of memberships and getting around to meet people and invite them to stop by, spreading the word that I’m there.  It’s not open to the public but I’m not opposed to having someone stop by and work with me awhile or share information over a cup of tea.

Good news, I’ve rented a small warehouse in Hilliard, Ohio, and will be picking up the keys June 1st so I can start building a 4×8′ table with storage for lumber underneath, hook up a large sink that’s there, set up some organizing features.  Then, July 1st, will be renting a lift-gate truck and transferring all the stored equipment to the new location.  I’m looking forward to pursuing not only my sculpture projects, but some painting ones as well–best feature is a long, clean wall, which will be used for photographing work.  This would not be possible without the support of my husband, who is trying to advise me and help me shape my path.

June 2:  The floor has been painted, and we picked up some sturdy tables at auction, as well as a heavy duty battery rack which will be a lumber rack.  Going over this morning to clean some more, starting with the bathroom since the ceiling in there is finished and there’s no floor work to be done in that room.  Plumber is hooking up the W/D and the sinks a week from today.  Making progress!

warehouse to front

warehouse to rear

Water’s on–time to go clean that bathroom!  Calling for the electric account next . . .

new benches

There’s the 12′ by 7’6″ work table surface we installed yesterday, going to turn around the second one so the ends will accept long boards for storage more easily.  Got up on top and scrubbed them on my hands and knees and seriously thought about mopping them, LOL they are the size of a room, after all.  Put slabs on a furniture dolly and they slid right underneath, so not going to build another shelf down there.

Next, setting up the 220 lines with Gene, the electrician, for the dryer and the stove, both will be on casters and just wheel them over to the outlet.  And eventually when there’s a larger kiln, same set up.

painted floor

the landlord stipped the old rotted flooring up, and I swept, scrubbed with bleach and mint floor soap, then put two layers of the beautiful blue paint down.  Today I’ll be able to start moving in the office furniture and getting it set up finally!  He still needs to come back and do the AC unit replacement we provided.

new vises

Yesterday went and picked up two sturdy good-condition vises for $70, and on the way back, Pat and I visited Lowendicks (bought nothing), the Franklin Park Conservatory, and North Market for ice cream.  Great day of gathering information and ideas.